In the Green-Cycle project, a needs-based and field-related liquid fertilization is being developed. This page is currently under construction. We look forward to seeing you again in the next few weeks.

Future is now.

In order for organic liquid fertilizer to be used efficiently and accompanying plant growth, an exact amount of nutrients must be applied that is tailored to the needs of the plants. In the Green Cycle project, an innovative fertilization system is now being developed that meets the requirements.

As different and individual as the soil conditions and the layouts of agricultural areas are, as individual are the irrigation systems engineered by HYDRO-AIR. If required, cost-saving and reliable complete systems are installed and maintained – from pump control to manure technology. It is important to counteract standstill. Irrigation and fertilization must be used in a more targeted manner in order to preserve the environment in a sustainable way and also to increase the quality and yields of the farmers. That’s why HYDRO-AIR is constantly researching.