Partner in practise

For the implementation of the Green-Cycle project, an operational group was founded, which consists of several practical partners. These partners shape the implementation of the project. This group consists of various companies and research institutes. The group is led by the project coordinator HYDRO-AIR. Other project participants are:

Agrargenossenschaft Tauche e.G.
BerlinTownProjects GmbH
Fürstenwalder Agrarprodukte GmbH
Gut Rüdow GmbH & Co KG
G.&G. Tierproduktion Bredow GmbH
HU Berlin-Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften

1. HYDRO-AIR international irrigation systems GmbH
As a dynamic duo, father and son at the head of HYDRO-AIR ensure that there are always new innovations and the constant expansion of the company areas. For example, setting up a complete telemetry system for radio remote control of irrigation machines as part of a research and development task is part of the HYDRO-AIR portfolio. In addition, the company has been active in product development since 1999.

Thanks to around 30 permanent and up to 10 seasonal employees as well as the commitment to various research projects and irrigation associations, HYDRO-AIR is your innovative and experienced contact – from planning to the implementation of a wide variety of projects in the field of irrigation systems and water treatment.

IT-Direkt Business Technologies GmbH
IT-Direkt GmbH was founded in 2001 and has been developing software solutions for the Internet and intranet ever since. The development of mobile apps for smartphones started in 2008.

Today IT-Direkt has 9 employees in development and sales.

With the Raindancer product family, IT-Direkt offers standard solutions for monitoring and controlling agricultural irrigation machines. Today the Raindancer product family is the heart of the company and is successfully marketed nationally and internationally directly and through an extensive dealer network.

In the future, the Raindancer products will ensure efficient irrigation worldwide, from water extraction to control and documentation.

In addition to the raindancer, individual software solutions for special customer needs complete the offer.

3. TTZ Bremerhaven

Ttz Bremerhaven is an independent research service provider and conducts application-related research and development. An international team of experts works under the umbrella of ttz Bremerhaven in the areas of food and resource efficiency.
Customer-specific, market-driven and cost-efficient product and process innovations for the food industry and related sectors are our core competence. We have access to expert knowledge for highly specialized issues via a widespread international network. Obstacles in the development of new markets can be overcome more easily with the support of local partners. Regionally, we are closely linked to the economy and scientific institutions. This is the basis for high-quality cooperation on numerous projects.

4. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
Plant nutrition and fertilization department

In research and teaching, the department deals with basic and special aspects of plant nutrition and fertilization of agricultural and horticultural crops. It is currently involved in various research projects, e.g. on yield physiology and nutrient efficiency of plant stocks.

An accredited research and teaching laboratory with a focus on soil-plant-water, as well as many years of teaching and research expertise on questions of nutrient supply and irrigation of agricultural crops are available for the project.

The department will examine and evaluate the efficiency and effects of the innovative fertilization method on soil and plants.

5. Berlintown Projects GmbH
BeToP GmbH is a German consulting company that concentrates on the acquisition of national and European third-party funds and funding for research, innovation and demonstration projects. BeToP itself specializes in projects in which innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are involved.

The services offered by BeToP include:

overall project planning and the formation of project consortia based on an extensive network of experts, associations and SMEs across Europe;
drafting project proposals and obtaining funding;
Support in project coordination;
Public relations and sales organization

The current areas of work and expertise of BeToP are general product development, process engineering, food and agricultural technologies, water reuse concepts, energy efficiency and sustainability of technological solutions.

6. Fürstenwalder Agrarprodukte GmbH Beerfelde
Fürstenwalder Agrarprodukte GmbH Beerfelde cultivates approx. 2300 ha of agricultural land in the vicinity of the city of Fürstenwalde, of which approx. 2250 ha is arable land. These are locations that are very slightly remote from groundwater and have an average number of 30. About 154 hectares of arable land can be irrigated, 92 hectares of which are sub-area-specific. In the crop rotation, around 500 ha of winter rape, 1050 ha of winter grain, 630 ha of silage maize, around 70 ha of lupins and around 700 ha of catch crops are grown. The cultivation takes place almost exclusively without a plow, whereby a lot of emphasis is placed on soil-conserving cultivation (strip till) and winter greening with cover crop mixtures. Two thirds of the fertilization is carried out using organic fertilizers such as dry chicken droppings and digestate. Here, too, work is constantly being done to improve the spreading technique and minimize losses.

We employ 21 people. 14 full-time employees, 5 part-time employees and 2 apprentices.